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GellyFit Essentials Kit

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Brand: GellyFit

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  • GellyFit Bonder (11ml)

is the first step for removing oils. Apply on thin nails or nails with a lot of oil or moisture. This step can be skipped for dried out and damaged nails, resulting from artificial tip over-use.

  • GellyFit Base Gel (11ml)

forms a sticky layer on the nail plate for maximum colour adhesion. Because of GellyFit Base Gel GellyFit colours do not shrink! Cure for 30 seconds using the GellyFit LED Lamp.

  • GellyFit Top Gel (11ml)

helps you to maintain perfect shininess and protects the colour gel, preventing lifting with a high glossy finish. Cure for 30 seconds using the GellyFit LED Lamp.

  • n.Blossom Keratin Serum by GellyFit

Use this serum for preparation of your nails before GellyFit application. Apply around cuticles to soften and push or remove cuticle. Oil-free nail serum with Keratin, Vitamin H and Calcium. Nourishes damages nails from root to tip.

  • n.Blossom Macadamia Nail Oil

Nail oil extracted from macadamia nut, including jojoba hazelnut seed and vitamin E. Hydrates and nourishes extremely dry and hard cuticles.



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