MoYou London - Marshmallow Stamper & Scraper (White Non-Sticky)

R 179.00

Brand: MoYou London

Your best Stamper and Scraper. An essential stamping nail art tool.


    • Metallic holder with one white, squishy silicone head.
    • The silicone head is ideal to use with our XL sized designs and has a diameter of 4cm.
    • The stamper has a comfortable grip handle.
    • The scraper design is chosen at random and we are unable to specify in advance which design you will receive nor can we take requests.
    • MoYou-London Stamp and Scrapers are for use with any nail art image plate and stamping nail varnish.

      Please note this products is not suitable to clean with harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover. For best results clean using a Lint Roller or sticky tape to remove excess polish and dust/fluff. How to

      What you'll need :
      1)  Nail Polish – we advise you use a nail polish that is opaque and has a strong pigmentation.
      2)  MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper .
      3)  MoYou™ London Image Plate .

      How to stamp:
      1)  Remove the blue protective film.
      2)  Apply the Nail Polish of your choice to the design you wish to stamp.
      3) Remove the excess nail polish with a MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper using a 45º angle.
      4)  Roll the MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper over the selected design being careful not to use too much pressure.
      5)  Transfer the design by rolling the MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper over you nail.
      6) Apply a top coat for a longer lasting result.



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