Return an Item

Unhappy with what you've received?

Received a damaged or non-functional item?

Did we send you the wrong item?


Before logging a return please ensure that you have reviewed our Returns Policy.

If you would like to return an item please look up your order below and follow the steps to create a return request.



The following conditions need to be fulfilled for all below return reasons:

  1. All returns requests have to be submitted to us within 7 days of receipt of your order (except for electronic items with manufacturer warranty).
  2. We can only accept return items that are in their original condition (no signs of usage, e.g. no scratches or polish residue on lamps, seals still intact on bottles and pods) and in their original packaging including all accessories (if any). Should any of these conditions not be fulfilled we will not be able to accept your return item. This condition does not apply if you're returning an electronic item for warranty reasons (e.g. after 6 months there will be signs of usage).

Order cancellations and refunds due to buyer's remorse can only be issued BEFORE your order is shipped. Should you cancel your order after it has already shipped to you or while it is still in transit with our courier partner, you will be liable for the return shipping fee. The refund will include the product cost only. Shipping fees, if any will not be refunded.

Refunds due to buyer's remorse for payments made through PayPal, BitCoin, or direct EFT into our bank account will not incur a processing fee. Refunds for payments made through any PayFast payment method will incur an anti-fraud hold of 2-3 working days, and will incur a processing fee.

If you receive a damaged or non-functional item: Oh boy - we are very sorry if that happens! If the damage is visible, please ensure to send us photos. Where necessary, damaged/non-functional items will be collected from you by our courier partner. If you live in an outlying area, we will ask you to ship the item back to us via the Aramex Dropbox or via the Post Office and reimburse you for the shipping fee incurred.

If your product has leaked: Liquids such as Cleansers and Removers contain the volatile substances Isopropyl Alcohol and Acetone respectively. We do seal all products, however due to pressure changes on the plane in transit sometimes leakage can occur. We request that you send us a photo of the product that has leaked and will reimburse you with store credit depending on the quantity missing (e.g. product cost is R329.00 for 120ml - 1/3 has leaked = 40ml - your store credit will be R110.00). We do not issue money refunds for  leaked items.

If your colour screw top has come loose during shipping and colour has messed please use product cleanser (isopropyl alcohol) to clean up gel bottles and acetone/nail polish remover to clean regular nail polish bottles.

If you don't like the colour or it doesn't look like on our website: Unfortunately this is not a valid reason for return and the conditions for return due to buyer's remorse apply.

We cannot be held responsible for the colours displayed in our pictures not looking 100% as they do in real life. However, should we display a wrong picture (for example we show the colour is green, but it is actually red), we will exchange your items free of charge.

If you received the wrong item or wrong quantity: Oops! We're very sorry about that! We always aim to get things right the first time, but sometimes mistakes happen. Please let us know if we have sent you the wrong product or shipped a quantity that is less than what you have ordered and we will do our best to sort it our for you soonest!


You can request the following outcomes for your return:

Before any of the below can be applied to your return request, please ensure that the item has been returned to us within the scope of point 2. mentioned above.

After we have received your return please allow us 1-2 working days to access the items.

  1. Store Credit can be used to purchase any products in our online store and can be used as payment method for any subsequent orders. 
  2. Replacement of your product with the same or a different product of your choice for the same value. As an option you can also request the replacement of your product with a higher priced product and you may pay in the difference or if we replace your item with a lesser priced product we will refund you the difference as store credit (no money refunds).
  3. Refund into your bank account is only available for some items. If you request a refund please send us your banking details upon request. We regret we cannot refund into credit cards at the moment.

All refunds whether into your bank account or as store credit will include the product cost only (with exceptions on case to case basis). No shipping costs will be refunded.


*PLEASE NOTE: We do not collect returns at POST NET. Please do not ship to PostNet Stores.



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