36W UV Lamp

R 599.00

Brand: Vanda

Curing Time for Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish:


  • Foundation cure 1 minute
  • Colour Coats cure 2 minutes each (3 minutes for dark colours)
  • Top Coat cure 2 minutes



With timer switch, which would be used to control the timing of UV curing.
Can be used with various kinds of UV products, such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel / etc.
High quality, suitable for hands and feet.
Highly efficient PL UVA bulb for faster, safer and odorless curing.
Includes 4 special lamp tubes, each one is 9W.
Small and cool design, compact & easy to operate.
Suitable for both professional and personal finger nail or toe nail care uses.


Output: 4 x 9W lamp 365nm (=36 watts)

Timer: 120s

Color: white

Plug: EU plug


Item measurement: 100mm x 230mm x 250mm
Item weight: 800g





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