Artistic Colour Gloss - Nail Surface Cleanser & Product Remover Duo (118ml each)

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Brand: Artistic Nail Design

Artistic Colour Gloss - Nail Surface Cleanser (118ml)

ARTISTIC NAIL SURFACE CLEANSER has a unique chemical composition to cleanse gel and soak off gel products to create the ultimate shine. ARTISTIC NAIL SURFACE CLEANSER contains specifically blended moisturizing additives and specialized solvents, to prevent unwanted residue on the nail plate prior to artificial nail application. ARTISTIC NAIL SURFACE CLEANSER is not drying to the skin and does not damage the natural nail with continuous use.

Artistic Colour Gloss - Nail Product Remover (118ml)

Safely remove: designed to remove ARTISTIC SOAK OFF GEL and acrylic products from the natural nail without drying the skin or the nail plate. ARTISTIC NAIL PRODUCT REMOVER contains a lower percentage of acetone and additional solvents that are proven to decrease the removal time of the artificial nails. It is formulated to focus the breakdown of the bond between the ARTISTIC BONDING GEL and the natural nail while at the same time softens the ARTISTIC SOAK OFF GEL to allow for easy removal.



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