Cuccio Finger Mates (Removal of Polish, Soak Off Gel, Acrylic)

R 349.00

Brand: Cuccio

Includes 10 reusable custom silicone caps and 20 disposable foam pads (can be re-used multiple times before disposal)

Perfect for easy soak off removal of soak off gel, hard gel and acrylic.

Refills are available as pack of 50 pads.


  • FingerMate caps and pads work as a TEAM!
  • The re-usable one size fits all FingerMate caps are QUICK and EASY to apply.
  • FingerMate caps comfortably hold our custom removal pads in place as fingers slide into place. The pressure from the cap not only allows the client to move about freely during soak off, but it provides ‘Direct Contact’ between the acetone filled pad and the entire nail.
  • The caps retain body heat which can help expedite removal.
  • FingerMate caps completely cover the removal pads. This protect the acetone from exposure to air which can result in pre-mature acetone evaporation.




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