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NSI Balance UV Gel System - Professional Kit

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Brand: NSI

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NSI Balance UV Gel System

User-friendly and offers nail technician to do natural nail overlays, tips and overlays, sculpting on a form and indestructible pedicures. A wide variety of colors and finishes. All intelligently formulated.


  • Builder Clear Gel (15g)
  • Builder Blush Gel (15g)
  • Body Builder French Pink Gel (15g)
  • Body Builder Cover Pink - Warm Gel (15g)
  • Finish Clear Gel (15g)
  • Body Builder Soft White Gel (7g)
  • Radiant White Sculptor Gel (7g)
  • Brush On French White Gel (7g)
  • Sangria #82 Color Gel (7g)
  • Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Color Gel (7g)
  • Sani-Pure Spray (59ml)
  • Nailpure Plus (70ml)
  • Cleanse (59ml)
  • Nail Wipes (10 pieces)
  • Vanish Cuticle Dissolve (15ml)
  • Balance Bond (Acid-Free) Primer (7ml)
  • #5 Touch Tip (Oval) Brush
  • Balance Clear UV Gel Forms (30 pieces)
  • Elation! Clear Nail Tips (50 pieces)
  • Elation! White Nail Tips (50 pieces)
  • Elation! Natural Nail Tips (50 pieces)
  • Polybond Adhesive Clear (7ml)
  • Endurance 100/100 Grit File
  • Endurance 150/150 Grit File
  • Endurance 180/180 Grit File
  • Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer
  • Lavender Block Buffer
  • Glaze 'n Go (7ml)
  • Nature Oil (15ml)
  • Beyond the Basics DVD
  • Instructions & Cautions



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