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Tati Artchocolat Brush Set (Handcrafted in Japan)

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Brand: Tati

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A complete set of 7 tati artchocolat gel brushes. 

  • tati artchocolat Mimosa (French)
  • tati artchocolat Rose (Round)
  • tati artchocolat Orange (Flat)
  • tati artchocolat Gris (Art)
  • tati artchocolat Blue (Art)
  • tati artchocolat Chouchou (Liner)
  • tati artchocolat Printemps (Peacock Liner)

All brushes come with their caps.



Tati brushes have been carefully crafted to caress the surface of the gel. This way, the bristles spread the gel without actually touching the nail and is kept separate by the gel in between. This also means that the Tati brushes can paint beautifully with only a small amount of gel. Effects and designs can be lost when applying regular pressure using a normal brush and it’s why the Tati brushes are made with the softest bristle tips.

Designed & handcrafted in Japan.



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