UberChic - The Classic Stamper

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Brand: UberChic

The Classic Stamper

The Classic Stamper includes our original purple stamper and a credit-card like scraper.

- Firm, Non-Sticky

- Our uber silicone nail stamper head is perfect for getting the very best stamping results

- An uber fun 'credit card like' scraper is the best way to scrape excess paint away from your design making stamping more efficient

The Scraper (rectuangular clear card) is flexible enough to remove the excess Nail Polish from the image plate after applying it on your chosen image.

The Stamper is used for picking up the image from the Image Plate and stamping it on your nail.

The larger end stamper (white) is about 29mm wide through the middle.


PLEASE NOTE! The stamper MUST be prepped in order for it to work properly! Don't worry, it's super - or shall we say uber - easy to do!


1. Gently file away the shiny surface with a fine grit nail file or magic eraser.

2. Apply a small amount of acetone or nail polish remover to get the tacky surface to appear.

3. Enjoy!

Clean the stamper after each use with a lint roller or tape to prolong it's life.



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